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Proof of No Work

Harness the power of trustless on-chain yield generation, compound interest, & hyper-deflation to maximize your earning potential unlike ever before.

Crypto Earnings Pyramid

PoNW flips the crypto incentive model upside down

In the most popular cryptocurrency models, insiders, VC's, project creators & centralized exchanges receive the best rewards, funded by average users. But in the $PoNW ecosystem, the average holder earns the lion's share, allowing them to earn as a centralized exchange does from the on-chain volume, but with no work necessary.

PoNW Tokenomics

  • 3% Tax. A flat 3% tax is charged on all on-chain transactions.
  • 2% Reflection. Redistributed proportionately to all holders based on their wallets balance.
  • 1% Burned. Sent to a dead address, permanently removing tokens from the circulating supply.


How PoNW Was Developed

1 March 2021


The Discovery of $HEX

Like many, $HEX was hidden from me by Coinmarketcap & mainstream media. One day, I was scrolling the list of cryptos & stumbled upon $HEX at rank #201. I did some further investigating & immediately began learning more about Richard Heart & his innovative product $HEX.

1 October 2021


Project Conceptualization

After watching the success of $HEX, & the failure of scams like Safemoon, I decided to invent my own crypto ecosystem. The #1 goal was to give regular users, not insiders, the best rewards over the long term. Following the 1st principles of crypto was also extremely important & I designed everything to be on-chain, trustless, with no common enterprise, no investment of money necessary, no expectation of profit & no 3rd party with access to the users funds. With all of this in mind, the Proof of No Work economic model was born.

1 January 2023

PoNW Tokenomics

Finished Products

After thousands of hours of studying, I developed the skills to build everything I envisioned. The projects are now built, & the possibilities for expansion are enormous. However, Proof of No Work now needs a community of users to introduce others to these ideas, & help them passively earn as well. The power of this technology is its ability to bring people together, but keep everyone at a safe distance from 1 another. $PoNW capitalizes on this model, by essentially having a built-in referral system that lasts perpetually. You will always receive a portion of each person's tokens that you or anyone else onboards, but you never give up access to your private keys. It could be a recipe for mass adoption.

Features of PoNW

Deflationary Supply

No Inherent Sell Pressure

Immutable Code, No Admin Keys

Passive Earnings Via Reflections

Innovative Tokenomics

Your Keys, 
Your Crypto

Proof of No Work - The less you do, the more you make

Founder & Developer

I am a solo, pseudo-anonymous developer who is responsible for every aspect of the Proof of No Work project. Follow me on social media to learn more.

How to get $PoNW

$PoNW should be available on PulseX, PulseChain's most liquid AMM exchange.


Fund your wallet

You will need some PulseChain ($PLS) to swap for $PoNW. To acquire some $PLS, fund your wallet with $HEX or Ethereum ($ETH), then bridge your $HEX or $ETH to PulseChain & swap for $PLS on PulseX (Learn how).

Select the PoNW/PLS Pair

Once your wallet is funded with $PLS, select the $PoNW/$PLS pair & enter the amount of tokens you'd like to swap for.

Set Slippage to 4% & Swap

Because there is a 3% tax on all transactions, you must set your slippage higher than the default of 1% to 4% or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most cryptos rely on inflation of the native token to distribute rewards to users, which dilutes & ultimately harms savers. Many also have taxes or other negative externalities (such as miners of the Bitcoin blockchain or SafeMoons destructive swapandliquify function) that harm the users. But in $PoNW, users are protected & incentivized to save, as the 3% tax goes only to existing token holders & the burn wallet (a dead address no one has access to), offering passive yield to holders.

for a variety of reasons, but most notably, because their communities are small & often lose interest in a project quickly. Project founders often don't provide unique value of any kind, which causes users to venture elsewhere. Also, the above-mentioned swapandliquify function, which is present in the majority of reflection tokens, causes unintended inherent sell pressure that is not adequately offset by reflections. So when your chart is built to go down and to the right, its hard to onboard new users, let alone maintain your existing ones. $PoNW removed this function from its contract entirely.

PoNWDev, a pseudo-anonymous solo developer with a background in economics, finance & cryptocurrency speculation.

Nothing about these projects are in any way intended to scam anyone. I was inspired to create everything after witnessing many flaws in the current economic system, both in the physical world & the crypto world. I believe I have solved the glaring economic flaw in most reflection tokens, & I want to share these ideas with the world, in an effort to help people stop getting scammed in the reflection token space. I am under the opinion that if you were to take $PoNW's economic model & compare it to any of the most popular reflection tokens ever, $PoNW would outperform every one of them if everything were equal (average volume, transaction size, holders, etc.). It would be a scam if I were to promise you price appreciation of your tokens, I'm not doing that. The only thing that is promised to appreciate in the $PoNW ecosystem is your account balance (and even that comes with the caveat that there must be volume to receive reflections.

To harness the power of hyper-deflation, as well as compound interest & to earn free tokens passively by simply practicing proper self-custody of your crypto assets. All crypto assets can go up & down in price at any time, but whether $PoNW goes up or down, you will still earn free tokens via the automatic reflection model. Plus with each transaction, you earn both a larger percentage holding of the token market cap, & a larger percentage of each reflection, as the circulating supply is constantly being decreased. Meanwhile your account balance is constantly being increased. The best of both worlds.

Reach out to the Dev or the Proof of No Work community on Twitter or Telegram (links in navbar & footer).

Proof of No Work

A new hyper-deflationary economic model, where the less you do, the more you make

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